Sunday, 9 December 2012

Tree decorations

Another one of my successes are my felt tree decorations, have made lots of different things this Christmas no wonder that I have yet to finish my Cards!!!!! Have also made a couple of reindeers but they need their noses finishing, and I only got the small buttons yesterday will post when done with a bit of luck.

Shaped boxes

Another item I made loads of is my little shaped boxes, they take four chocolates beautifully (the round ones I cant spell the name of!!) or any other little item they have been so popular, but I still need to make a few more for family get together this next weekend!!

Christmas Angels

These little beauties along with others ready for my craft stall this weekend!!  I started this post three weeks ago on my ipad then could not link up the pictures so now I have a bit of time I have download pics and here goes!!!!


I have spent alot of time making and demoing various Christmas items one of these is my posh crackers.

They are made from 300 gsm card so not for "pulling" but for putting small gifts in or for decoration.

At the Bead Boutique

Yesterday I spent a lovely morning at the Bead Boutique in Long Melford and made a necklace and bracelet.  The technique is calling Viking Knitting, and basically for those of you as old as me it is a Knitting Nancy but larger and you use wire and beads.  Very pleased with my results. But the main reason for wanting to learn this technique was to make Christmas decorations, so here are the results. Also made on in gold but not photoed yet.  Hope to get some more done today.  And finally my apologies for being missing for so long excuses to follow!!!!!!