Friday, 25 March 2016

More Darcy flowers

Final post for today I just love this stamp set from Darcy Wilkinson for Paperartsy. As usual it is very blue I do try to get away from blue but it is so hard.  As usual I started with a masterboard, stamped in the flowers and leaves and then added additional flowers, all painted in Fresco paints.

A heart using Liz Borer stamps

This idea forms the basis for the second Paperartsy workshop I am doing for Keep on Crafting but will be done on a wooden block. It is painted with Fresco paints, the main flowers are stamped on card that has been crackled, the smaller flowers are on painted card. Plus background stamping in Archival ink and colouring with Fresco paints. Plus gems and sticklers to finish.

Liz Borer Stamps

A few samples using the new release from Liz Borer at Paperartsy. The first one uses white embossing powder and is coloured in Clean Colour watercolour pens. The second one again uses Clean Colour pens and is stamped on the patterned paper for a different look.

Wednesday, 23 March 2016

Darcy Flowers

I took inspiration for this frame from a retailer training day I was lucky to attend last weekend with Paperartsy, thanks to Keep on Crafting for taking me along, they have lots of workshops planned for the next few months.

As usual I started with a masterboard, then stamped with Darcy Wilkinsons new stamps, and coloured using Fresco paints and finished off with White Fire (my new favourite colour), the glass on top has been stamped with Frosting Glaze.

Saturday, 19 March 2016

Paperartsy part 2

Sorry doing posts on my tablet doesn't seem to like long posts.

The next two pics are samples using Liz Borer's new stamps. Quite a bit of cutting out on pic one or pic two is a simplified version. I used Clean Colour pens for the colouring and one with plain card background created by using Liz's stamps and the other simplified version pic two is using patterned paper.

Paperartsy Stamps

Morning, I now have two new sets of  Paperarsty stamps, one from Kay Carley and one from Liz Borer.

The two samples above are both using Kay Carley stamps, top one is done with circles of Colour Cloud inks, over stamped in Archival in I think it is Hydrangea, and a very light green, then coloured with Clean Colour watercolour pens, and finished with some tiny dots of Liquid Preals. The bottom picture is done by masking the first image and stamping over the top to make the flowers appear behind. The background is random stamping, just a touch of ribbon to finish off.

Saturday, 12 March 2016

A little box

This little box is my sample for my Thursday morning Coffee and Craft group all being well it will end filled with mini eggs.

Friday, 11 March 2016

Paperartsy part 3

Sorry these are in the wrong order part 2 will appear when the stamps come in, today so look for samples sometime next week.

Back to part three, this workshop will introduce Grunge Paste and all the things we can do with it. We will be using Lin Brown's stamps, Fresco Paint and Glazes, all on a canvas board and smaller board accessories.

Yes it is bright but would certainly brighten up a dull day, and of course you can tone down using different colours. In this one I used all translucent paints to show their versatility. Hope you like this project, contact Keep on Crafting for more details and to book your place.

Tuesday, 1 March 2016

Paperartsy Workshops part 1

Busy preparing samples for our first Paperartsy Workshops at Keep on Crafting. So happy that Mandy agreed to stock Paperartsy. To say I did a little dance at the trade show last week was an understatement. So the first workshop will include making a masterboard with paints, and then using JOFY and Kay Carley stamps. I have previously posted samples made with Kay Carley stamps, and there will be more just as soon as I get her other set of stamps.

Below are some of my samples with JOFY stamps.  The first one is coloured in Fresco Paints, and the second young man is coloured with watercolours. The door hanger at the bottom all Fresco paints.

Now for two girly ones the first coloured in watercolours and the second is all Fesco paints.