Thursday, 29 December 2011

Sunday Stamper Challenge

Sorry have been missing for a while, but can now get back into Craft Room and more time to play.

Here is my Sunday Stamper Challenge, have not been making cards recently so here is one for this challenge. I have been playing with Perfect Pearl Mists and Distressed Inks etc and this is the result.

And here is version two -

Tuesday, 20 December 2011

A wedding present

My nephew got married earlier in the year and part of his wedding present was a scrapbook sheet picture. The project took longer than planned as I entered the scrapbook sheet into a competition and was placed second, they judges thought that the raised metal flowers and jewels would not fit in a scrapbook. Well no comment!! Anyway this has now been framed professionally and is on its way to the South Coast where they live and I hope they love it as much as I do!!

A Glitter Tissue Box Cover

Another little project that came out of last weekend. My daughter suggested making this tissue box cover. (See previous post and silver prototype) I had a template I bought years ago and never got round to making them up. My first attempt I used foam glitter card, this was not 100% successful, so I went off the the craft shop and found some really good glitter card, there has a sort of plastic backing to the card and it works really well. Next problem, not all tissue boxes, although most are supposed to be square, they are not!!!! several trips to the shops later, I have found one that fits. I now have loads of boxes of tissues. So here it is and will make a silver one for dd later.

A new box

I decided to try a square box similar to the previous ones but one more suitable for guys. Last weekend I made two of the flowery ones, one for my daughter and one for my sister in law as table presents for our early Christmas dinner. They loved them so much that my brother decided I should make 14 in less than 24 hours so that they could take them home for their Christmas Table. Can you imagine what I said!!!!!

This again is made from a sheet of Tim Holtz double sided paper, mountboard cut to size and painted with Paper Artsy Fesco Paints and then decorated with paper. I will do again soon and make a feminine version. Very happy with this so will give to my son when he comes for Christmas. Hope you like.

Sunday, 18 December 2011

Christmas Tags

As you will se from previous post family visiting means lots of present wrapping and tag making here are a few of my efforts.

This one is for my brothers birthday present

The next are Christmas ones

More to come!!!!!!

Glitter Tissue Box Cover

I have had family staying this weekend and after watching a certain programme on Friday evening, my daughter (who is not a crafter) said she would like a glitter tissue box cover. Well having bought a template ages ago for tissue box covers I thought I'd have a go. This is the prototype, have texted to DD for her comments, still awaiting reply, busy lady, family, husband, dogs, full time job etc. I am quite pleased with efforts it has cetainly given me a few ideas for the future. Watch this space!!!!

Monday, 12 December 2011

Altered Book

Another crafter and I swap our artwork once a month, we have never met, but started swapping ATCs with several others and over time all except the two of us have dropped out. We both like altered art so decided to swap pieces of artwork. This is Novembers, December is traditional Cards as both of us are busy so we will be back to altered art in January.

Another Box

I just love making these little boxes, this one was an 80th birthday present, and I made a little card to go inside inviting the lady on a day out. and she really loved it.

Friday, 9 December 2011

Sorry, Sorry, Sorry

Oh dear it is so long since I blogged not good, but after next week end I will have more time, life has been hectic. Last week I tutored three courses for my local county WI and then I had my own WI all 72 of them making christmas trees and cards. All I can say was they all enjoyed it, but it was quite challenging. (There were some reluctant crafters) I will post some pictures later. This is one of my favorite pieces of work recently I have made quite a few of these boxes for various presents. More to come soon. When I just catch up.