Saturday, 29 November 2014

Inspired by Anneke

This card was inspired by a book Anneke De Clerck altered over on the Paperartsy Blog, which I decided to translate into a Christmas Card. I started by painting, stencilling and stamping three different designs on to paper, which I then cut into strips to make the tree and finished off with Lin Browns stamps and a few stars.  I have made several cards like this using craps of double sided card, this is all on another post.

Cards from scraps!!

Two cards made from leftover bits of card, a good way to use up bits and bobs!!

Friday, 28 November 2014

Bows by Darcy

I was inspired to have a go at making this lovely bow, I almost followed Darcy's instructions on the Paperartsy website, so have a look there to see how to make the blue bow, which is made from copy paper, paint, I used Turguoise, Dusty Teal, Hint of Mint and Pewter, also some stencilling and stamping.

In the second picture I decided to try making the bows in different weights and types of card and paper, all reasonably successful, but I do think you need a lightweight paper/card which is double sided. 

Thank you for looking at my blog.


Sorry I have been a very bad blogger this last month or so, lots of workshop to run and all sorts of other things going on, have left no time for blogging.  But things are settling down now so I hope to get more time.

So here are a few bows, the original idea came from a post by Darcy on the Paperartsy Blog, more about this on another post. I did one, bottom left, made from copy paper and painted, stencilled and stamped.  The others are all made from different types of card and paper.

I think they are better made from card/paper that is double sided, but this does not need to be very thick I think the maximum weight paper/card would be 120 gsm, the thicker card it is much harder to fold and stick.