Tuesday, 1 March 2016

Paperartsy Workshops part 1

Busy preparing samples for our first Paperartsy Workshops at Keep on Crafting. So happy that Mandy agreed to stock Paperartsy. To say I did a little dance at the trade show last week was an understatement. So the first workshop will include making a masterboard with paints, and then using JOFY and Kay Carley stamps. I have previously posted samples made with Kay Carley stamps, and there will be more just as soon as I get her other set of stamps.

Below are some of my samples with JOFY stamps.  The first one is coloured in Fresco Paints, and the second young man is coloured with watercolours. The door hanger at the bottom all Fresco paints.

Now for two girly ones the first coloured in watercolours and the second is all Fesco paints.

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  1. We do love our JOFY stamps! Totally love your ideas with them margaret!