Saturday, 28 January 2017

Imagination Crafts Sparkle Gel

Another playtime session this time using Sparkle Gel which is a type of sparkle medium but gives a clear, colour free, frosty look.

To start I used the Spring Blossom stencil and applied a good layer of sparkle gel, removed the stencil and allowed to dry. When dry I used Starlight Paints and a fine paint brush to apply areas of colour to the Sparkle Gel. It gives quite a delicate look. I finished off with metal which I first painted with Starlight Paints and die cut. I always paint first then die cut, this is a question I am always asked, I feel I get a better finish.

My second sample follows the same principle but I used the Mermaid stencil which was on TV early January.

Thanks for dropping by and looking at my blog.

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