Saturday, 22 February 2014

Inspired by Lucy

Lucy did a lovely post this week on the Paperartsy Blog, using Fimo, and a wine bottle.  Well I had to change a little to use what I had in my stash.  So I had a jar which I painted as per Lucy's guidance.  Stamped on to tissue paper and then stuck to the jar.  All good so far.  First problem was that I only had air dry Fimo in the stash, so thought I would have a go.  When I came to stamp into the Fimo using Lin Browns stamps, the Fimo got all stuck to the stamp.  Disaster!!! So for this project I decided to use a texture plate which I pressed the Fimo into and then used cookie cutters to get the shapes right.

I then went out and bought oven bake Fimo this worked better and I got the results in picture 3, but these shapes were too big for my little project, so I have these for another time.

Thanks Lucy and Paperartsy for reminding me about Fimo have used it before, but forgotten about it!  Certainly like the effect. Also thanks for reading this rather long post, well long for me!!


  1. Oh Margaret I am so thrilled I have inspired you! I think using s jar is a great idea! Doesn't the tissue papered stamping give a neat result? Your tulips turned out perfectly and I think you will be pleased you have got them for another project - maybe a canvas? Thank you so much for joining in,

    Lucy x

  2. This is so lovely, really pretty. i am determined to have a go at this too.

  3. This is lovely Margaret! Such pretty colours!
    Alison xxx