Sunday, 22 February 2015

Purple Flower Box

As I spent yesterday morning showing ladies how to decorate a wooden tissue box, using Fresco paints, stamping and Grunge Paste, need to have a play with these products myself.  A love GP and Fresco paints for this project I used Lilac (which has nearly run out) and Amethyst. Painted with box with White paint to start off with then Lilac, stamped around the edges with Archival ink using a stamp from one of JOFYs sets. For the top of the box I mked Amethyst and GP and applied through one of Lin Browns stencils and painted the edges in Amethyst.  The Flowers on the top are a piece of patterned card painted in watered down Amethyst paint and the same stamp was used as on the sides.  A blob of glitter in the centre and that is done.  Now I have to go and walk DD's dogs who are staying for their holidays!!