Wednesday, 30 January 2013

Paperartsy Suzz week

Well here is my first attempt this week. I did not have a frame or anything,  so just used a piece of Paperartsy metal on card, now, not go much left, thats another thing for my shopping list. But I really like to effect.  I used Mermaid on top of the crackle medium and stamped using Jo Firth Young's stamps which I love and stamped in my all time favourite colour Inky Pool. a bit of Inky Pool round the edges and there you have it.


  1. well your a step ahead of me . i haven't cracked on metal card yet....if you have translucents lying about you could try adding colour to those flowers too.....just setting you a new challenge for the remainder of the week!! LOL

    1. Off to give that a try think I have a translucent I hope will let you know how it goes

  2. Gorgeous!! I love this technique and had fun too.

  3. Love how stamped on the crackled background. Those flowers look beautiful! Glad you joined in and tried the crackle on metal!

  4. Love your colour scheme - great crackles!

  5. Love Inky Pool too Margaret, great crackle effect achieved. Thanks for joining in the fun:)